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The Ligurian mountains are renowned for their beauty. There are many trails to walk with various levels of difficulty and distance. Casa Capinera can provide the necessary maps and guides and in case you forget something it is possible to buy the proper equipment such as shoes in Pieve di Teco. If desired, and planned in advance, we would be happy to accompany you on a walk and we can also provide a delicious boxed lunch to take along.

Mountain bikers can choose from the many marked trails up to the snowy peaks of the Maritime Alps. Real street bicyclists may compete with the Italian professionals when biking on small mountain passes such as the Passo di Lupo on which part of the Giro d’Italia was held. We can also provide an experienced guide if this is desired.

Those who enjoy curves, turns and small mountain passes won’t be able to get enough. It goes without saying that exploring by car or motorbike is a great experience – just beware of crossing animals!

Perhaps you would like to do something “crafty”. It is possible to take part in a workshop in Colle San Bartolomeo, just a few kilometers away, and learn to refurbish old pieces of furniture and give them new life. During a 1, 2 or 3 day course you can transform one of your own pieces of furniture, or something provided by the teacher, into the shabby-chic look. (reservations are required beforehand) It is also great fun to visit the antique markets in Pieve di Teco or Dolcedo; great for getting ideas.

A boat trip from Porto Maurizio towards Corsica can provide you with the possibility of watching whales and dolphins along the Ligurian coast. In the morning the boat sails with great speed towards the open sea to look for small and large marine mammals. During the day if you are lucky they will swim along the boat and keep you entertained with their swimming skills.

The Olive museum in Imperia Ognelia gives an excellent background on olives, olive oil, and olive growing among other fascinating history and traditions of the local Taggiasca olive. Perhaps a small open air museum sparks your interest. Bussana Vechia lies above the Ligurian coast and is populated by the artists who partially rebuilt and restored the town after an earthquake. On the other hand The Botanic Gardens Hanbury in Ventimiglia are not only impressive because of the beautiful flowers and plants but because of its architecture as well.