Arrive and you’re good to go

With the 2-wheeler in the adventure land of Liguria

Whether cruising on asphalt, shimmying off-road through the countryside, chugging over unpaved roads into the mountains or proving your skills on the cross-country track, everyone gets their money’s worth around Casa Capinera.

A wide range of offers – for everyone the right thing
Enduro riders can choose between many tours, some of them marked, up to the snow-covered peaks of the Maritime Alps, including views of the Ligurian coast and the Mediterranean Sea. Real road riders can compete with Italian pros on small mountain passes, such as the Passo di Lupo, where the Giro D`Italia was held. Lovers of unpaved roads get their money’s worth on the Ligurian border ridge road, the Via del Sale, for example. And of course you can be accompanied by an experienced guide if required.

Cozy dinners or real biker barbecue

At Casa Capinera you can choose freely, half-board with Ligurian specialities, pasta evening on arrival, provisions package for the road, barbecue session or self-catering, everything is possible. For a stopover we have many tips for small restaurants in quaint mountain villages, real family businesses where the mamma is in the kitchen and conjures up new regional delicacies every day.
And there is also a boot beer after the tour.

Room enough for everyone

No matter if you come by trailer, bus or big car, there are plenty of parking spaces on the grounds of Casa Capinera. And the mopeds are safely parked under the roof of the large carport, where minor repairs are also possible. There are also several power sockets available, e.g. for charging e-bikes.

Lovers of bends, hairpin bends and small mountain passes will get their money’s worth around Casa Capinera. Only cows, horses or other animals that run free should always be watched and prepared.


Special offers

Depending on the season we offer certain theme weeks, from olive harvesting to yoga week, everything is possible!

Group tours

For groups, no matter if dog club, sport friends or people with disabilities we will find the right thing!


We would be happy to arrange your birthday, wedding or christening with us, with accommodation, food and entertainment.