Cura per la tua casa!

So that your holidays stay holidays!

We will take care of all your holiday property needs and you will enjoy the beautiful sides of your Italian domicile. Simply order from us:

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We will take care of the timely payment of all your bills such as gas, water, electricity, rubbish, internet/telephone and your municipal property tax (ICI).

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In addition, we check your house every fortnight and take care of your mail. On special occasions, such as after heavy rain or thunderstorms, we immediately make an exact inventory of any damage and send it to you.

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If damage occurs, we take care of its quick handling and the organisation of reliable craftsmen. Also included are visits to the authorities, e.g. in the event of water supply disruptions, hotline calls to energy suppliers or the Internet company, as well as the procurement of fuel such as wood or pellets.

By personal arrangement we can also offer you

_ Care of your garden (irrigation, lawn mowing, etc.)

_ Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance

Handling of lettings (supervision of rented houses, organization of handover, control of cleanliness, German-speaking contact person on site)

Administrative procedures such as tax office, registration of residence or business, etc.

We will gladly organize for you

Officially certified translations

Tax consultant (Commercialista)

_ Building inspector (Geometra)

_ Insurances





If you have problems with documents or certificates, if you need help with administrative procedures, then please contact us!

Real estate

Are you looking for a property or would you like to sell one? We advise and accompany you right from the start!

Holiday accommodation

We rent out your property and are your contact person on site, including proper registration with all authorities.

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